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Sparkling water is just plain water infused with dissolved carbon dioxide. This process can either be a naturally-occurring phenomenon or manufactured artificially. The carbon dioxide is subjected to pressure, then it is infused in the water during the production process, resulting in bubbles in the liquid.

Plain sparkling water also does not impose any adverse negative effects on your health, and if it does, it’s usually because of the type of sparkling water you’re consuming. An 8oz serving of regular sparkling water normally contains 55 mg of sodium and nothing else. No carbs, no calories, no cholesterol, and most importantly, no sugar.

What Is Sparkling Water And How Does It Taste Like?

The taste of sparkling water varies from person to person and brand to brand. Some love it from this type of brand, some tolerate it from that brand, and there are a few others who abhor it regardless of its brand or manufacturer.

However, most can agree that it tastes somewhat sour and acidic and gives your mouth a slight burning sensation. Almost like diluted lime juice. Some sparkling water brands also add other minerals like sodium, resulting in a salty taste. These are usually sparkling mineral water.

On the other hand, sparkling water that contains other flavorings, sweeteners, and other additives may slightly affect the health of your teeth, eventually causing tooth decay. But that also happens when consuming an obscene amount of food high in sugar. So it’s still best to consume these types of food in moderation.

Sparkling water has also been proven to be gentler on the stomach. Some studies found that it helps relieve constipation by improving digestion. It does so by improving your ability to swallow. It also gives the feeling of fullness to people who feel constantly hungry, while also providing hydration. Sparkling water is just as hydrating as normal water. 

Can You Make Sparkling Water At Home?

Many people prefer drinking carbonated beverages because of the fizz one gets when drinking them. But even the biggest fan of carbonated drinks knows that it is far from healthy and the other health risks associated with consuming soft drinks. This is the reason why many switch to drinking sparkling water.

Some people just struggle to drink regular water or regular water doesn’t feel as satisfying or satiating as carbonated drinks. Some may also be trying to manage their sugar intake but still want the feel of drinking soda, then sparkling waters offer a great alternative. You can make it as a replacement for when you’re craving sugary sodas or fruit juices.

If you’re regularly consuming sparkling water, then it makes sense to know how you can make it at home to avoid having to spend an exorbitant amount to buy it. Not only that, but making carbonated water can also be a fun activity to do at home.

How To Make Sparkling Water At Home

Here are some things you can try to make your own sparkling water at the comfort of your own home:

  1. You can make sparkling water at home by using a soda siphon or a seltzer bottle. In fact, it’s one of the most popular ways to make sparkling water because of how easy it is to do.
    It’s portable and comes in various sizes and is generally pretty straightforward to use.
  2. You can build your own DIY carbonation system. Some parts that you need in order to set up the machine can be a bit expensive, though, so this way only makes sense if you’re planning to mass produce the sparkling water you’re going to make. It’s also important to note that building and setting up this machine needs to be in a well-ventilated area because high concentration of CO2 may cause severe breathing issues.
  3. One of the cheapest ways to make sparkling water at home is by using vinegar and baking soda. This combination may sound familiar if ever you’ve had chemistry projects that involved a homemade volcano. Mixing vinegar and baking soda together produces carbon dioxide. After transferring the CO2 to a bottle filled with water, it results in sparkling water.
  4. Lastly, the best way to make your own sparkling water at home is to use a drink carbonation machine. It’s easier, faster, and cheaper in the long run. Plus, it makes pure sparkling water without the added impurities that comes when using the vinegar and baking soda method. These soda makers are easy to setup, safe and efficient to use, and gives you the freedom to have any carbonated beverage using any liquid of your choice.

What Is SodaStream

SodaStream is considered the alpha of all soda-making appliances available in the market today. It made a global launch in 2009 and introduced various types of soda makers available for purchase. Not only can you make sparkling water with SodaStream, but they also offer various flavored syrups to take your drinking level to the next level.

The taste of sparkling water made from using SodaStream is basically indistinguishable from sparkling water that you buy ready-made at the grocery store. It’s just as delicious, just as refreshing, and just as great, if not even better because you can customize the intensity of the carbonation according to your personal preference.

Investing in SodaStream is also environmentally-friendly because it cuts down on the plastic that comes with purchasing regular bottled sparkling water. You can reuse the glass bottles that come when purchasing any SodaStream machine.

Final Thoughts

In total, if you like the taste and sensation of sparkling water, then it can be a good alternative when consumed in moderation, providing you with a drink that’s healthier than soda and has a little more taste than regular water.

Having sparkling water available anytime with just a touch of a button by using machines like SodaStream is a great incentive to keep hydrated while customizing your drink according to your preferred taste.

Investing in these counter-top machines is worth the money in the long run and is no different than your normal coffee maker. It’s easy and pretty straightforward to use. And you won’t be able to taste the difference between sparkling water made with SodaStream versus a store-bought sparkling water.

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