How To Keep Sparkling Water From Going Flat

  • By: Jan Helge
  • Date: July 18, 2023
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Sparkling water– also known as soda water, carbonated water, fizzy water, club soda, or seltzer– is a type of usually canned drink. It is just your typical plain water containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas making it fizzy. It can occur naturally or artificially.

Many experts can agree that drinking sparkling water is a healthier alternative to drinking other canned soda drinks. With sparkling water, you can add natural flavoring to your drink by using fruits or herbs to give it a flavor. By doing so, there isn’t any added sugar to your drink.

Sparkling water has become a popular go-to drink for people trying to manage their sugar intake, but just can’t let go of that oh-so-familiar bubbly sensation. But alas, all good things fizzle out eventually, leaving you with an unappealing flat drink completely out of effervescence. The question now is– how do we keep sparkling water from going flat?

What Is Sparkling Water?

First things first, let’s talk about sparkling water and the process it takes to make it “sparkle”. As previously discussed earlier, it’s just plain water that contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas, thereby making the drink fizzy. This process can either be a naturally-occurring phenomenon or manufactured artificially.

The natural geological processes that take place which result in carbonated water are when volcanic activity enriches the water with minerals, and the hot magma produces gasses that dissolve in springs of natural water. These kinds of naturally carbonated waters are highly sought after for their supposed healing properties.

For artificially carbonated water, like any other manufactured carbonated drinks, pressurized carbon dioxide is infused within the water during the production process, forming bubbles. It happens the same way as dissolving sugar and salt into the water.

In general, it is created when gas pressure is raised and temperature is reduced, causing carbon dioxide to dissolve in the liquid. When this happens, carbonic acid is produced. This is what gives sparkling water, or any other carbonated drink, its fizzy feel.

Is Sparkling Water Healthy?

There is a long-standing debate about whether sparkling water is good or bad for the health. Although many experts agree that it is relatively healthier as compared to other canned soda, there are still possible risks that come with it.

In general, an 8oz serving of sparkling water, regardless of brand or manufacturer, usually only contains 55 mg of sodium and nothing else. No carbs, no calories, no cholesterol, and most importantly, no sugar.

Whether you’re struggling to drink regular water, or trying to manage your sugar intake but still want the feel of drinking soda, then sparkling waters offer a great alternative. You can make it as a replacement for when you’re craving sugary sodas or fruit juices.

It also gives the feeling of fullness to people who feel constantly hungry, while also providing hydration. Sparkling water is just as hydrating as normal water. Some studies also found that sparkling water helps relieve constipation by improving digestion. It does so by improving your ability to swallow.

The most healthy type of sparkling water is the plain type. So you should pay attention to the type of sparkling water you’re drinking. Make sure to choose the ones without any flavoring and other sweeteners as these additives may cause tooth decay, as with anything that is high in sugar.

Why Does Sparkling Water Go Flat?

Typical carbonated drinks start off super-saturated with CO2, this is not different for sparkling waters. Because of this, the gas is so pressurized that it makes it want to escape from the water. When the water is bottled, the extra space above the drink is filled with more CO2 with a pressure above the standard atmospheric pressure. This is why the CO2 previously infused in the water stays within the fluid.

When the can or container is first opened, this pressurized CO2 is released into the air. The gas escaping makes the hissing sound that one hears when opening a fresh bottle of soda. When the drink is then exposed to open air for a long amount of time, the carbon dioxide in the water eventually reaches the same concentration in the water as in the air. The carbon dioxide previously infused in the water slowly dissolves and eventually bubbles out.

When that happens, the sparkling water now becomes flat. Shaking the container will make it go flat much more quickly because the act of shaking helps the CO2 escape faster.

How To Keep the Fizz in an Opened Sparkling Water

It’s important to note that flat drinks aren’t stale. It only means that it lost its effervescence. Stale soda, on the other hand, might not be safe to drink anymore because it’s gone bad. It’s okay to drink flat soda, although it might not taste good.

We have a shortlist of things you can do to keep sparkling water from going flat sooner.

  1. Keep your sparkling water in the refrigerator, whether it’s been opened or not. In order to keep the dissolved gas infused in the liquid longer, that liquid must remain cold. The cooler the better.
  2. The best way to keep the fizz once you’ve opened your sparkling water bottle or can is to transfer it to a container with a removable lid. This way, you’ll only open it when you’re taking a sip and close it right back, preventing the carbonation from leaking out. But even then, sparkling water will still go flat if you don’t consume it within 2 to 3 days after opening and transferring.
  3. You can try squeezing the bottle after opening it. Only do this when you’ve already finished drinking about 60% of the contents of the sparkling water bottle. By squeezing the bottle, the space above the water decreases and therefore increases the amount of pressure inside the container.
  4. Of course, the most obvious solution is to drink all of it as soon as possible after opening a bottle or can of sparkling water. Sparkling water won’t go flat in your stomach.

Final Thoughts

Imagine leaving a milkshake to melt at room temperature for 4 hours. Now imagine you drink it. It’s not hard to figure out that it would taste awful. That’s almost what a flat carbonated drink tastes like.

As much as possible, avoid having to drink flat sparkling water by following the tips mentioned above.

The main purpose of drinking sparkling water becomes useless if you drink it flat anyway.

Watch out, though, as the carbonation from drinking too much sparkling water may cause gas and bloat to some people. So make sure to drink in moderation.

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